ActionScript 3.0: Visual QuickStart Guide

ActionScript is the programming language integral to the Adobe Technology Platform. It began as a simple scripting language for creating interactivity and animation in Flash, but is now used to create full-featured Web applications, not only in Flash but in Flex. ActionScript 3, introduced with Flex 2, is now a full-fledged object-oriented programming language, and the need for teaching materials, for both newcomers and veterans, is great. This task-based tutorial is for students with no programming experience as well as those programmers who have learned earlier versions of the programming language and now need to learn the new version. The book walks a reader through all the fundamentals, then moves on to creating interactivity, working with data, looping and decision making, programming visualizations, and working with multimedia. It’s a complete end-to-end tutorial.

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3 thoughts on “ActionScript 3.0: Visual QuickStart Guide

  1. If you really want to understand ActionScript 3.0 from it’s absolute core, this is the book… I have read other books but this one seemed to be the one that got me to really understood what action script was and how it’s used. It didn’t have a lot of extra fluff in it. It just tells you what it is. I hate when an author goes off into some other direction when he’s trying to explain something… it gets confusing. Just tell me what it is, how it’s used and move on. This is a good book to…

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