Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Logic Pro 7

If you want to do more than simply use Logic to improve the audio in your video projects-if you want to start actually creating and producing music with it-this Apple-certified guide provides the key. Whether you’re a composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, studio programmer or simply want to create and produce pro-quality music in your Logic-based home studio, you’ll find all the self-paced, step-by-step instruction you need here to begin creating your audio master works immediately. As both a professional musician and a former employee of eMagic and Apple (the former and current makers of the software), author David Dvorin knows Logic like no one else. Here, he uses project-based tutorials to reveal all of its secrets, including its newest: advanced DSP techniques and the ability to layer MIDI instruments and split channels. In short order you’ll be scoring and composing; jamming with Logic’s software instruments; employing advanced mixing, editing, and production techniques; and more. A companion CD includes trial Logic plug-in software and the lesson files needed to complete the book’s exercises.

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3 thoughts on “Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Logic Pro 7

  1. Outstanding! Covers all the bases! After using Martin Sitters book, “Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7: Professional Music Creation and Audio Production”, I read the promise of an Advanced version of the series. As I wrote in my review of that book here on Amazon, I have been eagerly awaiting this one’s arrival, as I consider myself an intermediate/advanced user, as I use Logic 7 on a DAILY basis in my own studio on various styles of music.So, let me say from the outset—David Dvorin does not disappoint…

  2. I love this book!!! I’ve been using Logic for ten years and have learned it well enough to record my own tunes. I’ve only read six chapters, but I already feel like I’ve taken my knowledge to the next level. The biggest thing learned is how much time I wasted, doing things the long way when Logic has all these features to make them so simple. Can’t recommend this book highly enough if you’re looking for a solid understanding of Logic’s advanced features. The lessons are step by step and take you through all the…

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