Audio Postproduction for Digital Video

Written in the author’s clear conversational style, with ample illustrations and visual analogies, this book features software agnostic tutorials and “cookbook recipes” for each phase of postaudio processing. The author begins with a section of FAQs from readers of the author’s magazine column. After summarizing the significant points of audio theory, the author describes the preliminaries of setting up a post studio. From there he details every aspect of postproduction – from getting the tracks into the computer, to ‘fixing and mixing,’ to dealing with details of compression and streaming. The companion audio CD contains diagnostics, tutorial tracks, and demonstrations.

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  1. Bigger and Better than it Seems Audio Postproduction for Digital VideoBy Jay RoseReview by Pi WareDon’t listen to the title. It’s bigger than the title. The “Digital Video” part of Audio Postproduction for Digital Video restricts the scope of this classic Jay Rose text. Rose’s book goes far beyond DV, in fact, it starts with an explanation of what sound is on the molecular level and then takes you not just through audio postproduction for TV, but to techniques specific to movie…

  2. An essential reference for DV sound editing This is an exceptional book: clear, comprehensive, and full of the kind of information you need to edit professional-quality DV sound on your desktop. Written by a Clio and Emmy-award winning sound editor, it takes you step-by-step through the postproduction process. Included are chapters on acoustics, monitoring, wiring, sync, ADR, voice over, music editing, and effects. Especially helpful is the 77-track audio CD, which includes diagnostics to help you evaluate your speakers and examples that…

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