Blueprint for 100 Deals or More Than $1 Million Per Year in Income: The exact systems and technology to sell 100+ homes, every year after year ~ no matter the market

As successful top REALTORS® and technology gurus who have continued to rise amid tough market conditions, Rick Bengson and Alan Shafran share insights, tips, tricks and tools that have worked to help them close 100 deals and reach $1 Million in commissions per year in all different markets.

With inside information on technology, marketing, teams, negotiations, and more, “Blueprint for 100 Deals” takes readers through Alan’s entire system step by step. “Key 100” tips highlight crucial concepts Alan has followed in order to achieve his 100-deal goal, while still having time left for family life – the perfect balance that everyone strives for.

Truly Alan’s ultimate system for his continued success in the unpredictable real estate market, “Blueprint for 100 Deals” shows you how Alan has actually sold over 100 homes per year, every year and earned over $1 Million in commissions – no matter the market conditions.*

Listen to this:

“Alan has been one of our company’s top brokers in Southern California for years, producing millions of dollars in volume through the incredible use of networking, relationship building, technology, systems and a relentless discipline around training. Any sales professional striving to reach the next level should read this book… and if needed read it more than once!”

Mark Johnson
Vice President Marketing and Sales Technology
Prudential California Realty
A Home Services Of America and Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

“If you have a desire to build a big business in the real estate industry, Alan is revealing his step by step guide on how to do it.”

Tom Ferry
“North America’s Top Real Estate Coach”

* Blueprint for 100 Deals is based on the strategies and systems that Alan Shafran has used to establish and maintain his own real estate success. The plans and techniques within this book have worked to help him sell over 100 homes and make over $1 Million per year in his market. The authors of this book make no guarantees that readers will have similar results. Your results may vary.

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2 thoughts on “Blueprint for 100 Deals or More Than $1 Million Per Year in Income: The exact systems and technology to sell 100+ homes, every year after year ~ no matter the market

  1. Don’t waste your money!!! FYI This book’s co-author is also the owner of a company called This website is a way for agents to follow up and get feedback quickly from showing agents on their listings. The book is basically a bait so that you will go to his website and sign up for the service. The book has no real substance and is by no means any kind of blueprint for any kind of success. All they keep telling you to do is to have a follow up system in place for the showings of your…..Oh, well how…

  2. It’s an infomercial I interpreted “blueprint” to mean a nuts-and-bolts set of systems and couldn’t wait to receive this book co-authored by the developer of software that I use and like (showingsuite). However, I was greatly disappointed in the book. It is much more of an overview of the real estate business and advocates the position that the only successful approach to selling real estate is to be part of a team. It is also a very hard sell for the showingsuite line of products. Fortunately, I purchased the…

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