Creating Digital Content : Video Production for Web, Broadcast, and Cinema

*A unique, complete tutorial of digital video production techniques from the experts driving the content revolution
*Coverage of datacasting, webcasting, interactive television, digital cinema, DVD and more
*Post production tutorials
*Provides an exhaustive explanation of new business models: how is anyone supposed to survive and profit in the digital content environment?

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3 thoughts on “Creating Digital Content : Video Production for Web, Broadcast, and Cinema

  1. The Digital Revolution “Bible” This is a “must buy” for anyone interested in the digital revolution that is changing the way we communicate. It explains how camcorders, Avids, and computers have changed video, movie-making, web streaming, and how to become part of it. “Digital content” is really what video, TV and movies have become. You can re-use your video and audio in many different ways to better serve clients or create original programming. The book explains what’s going on very clearly. Digital…

  2. Revealing Account of Content in the Digital Age This book reveals the true nature of the nearly tectonic shift in the landscape of content being caused by digital technology. Even as the editor of Digital TV magazine, I have not read a book that examines, in such a penetrating manner, and with such a dazzling collection of expert voices, the depth of this dramatic change and what it now means. Further, it reveals the implications for the future of creating and distributing content in the digital age. This book is a must for anyone who cares…

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