Digital Multimedia

Designed as the foundation text in multimedia, this book covers basic principles of each media type – text, graphics, audio, animation and video – describing their digitization and progressing onto issues that arise when media are combined; interaction provided by scripting and multimedia distributed over networks – principally the web.
This edition completely updates content to address the XHTML standard and to add appropriate weight to XML content. There will be a web/Flash emphasis and proper coverage of MPEG4 and DVD in line with current technology trends.
* New edition of a best-selling resource – now in FULL COLOUR throughout
* Covers the basic principles of each media type– text, graphics, audio, animation, and video
* Updated content addresses the XHTML standard and adds appropriate weight to XML coverage
* Includes a Web/Flash emphasis and thorough coverage of MPEG4 and DVD in line with current technology trends

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2 thoughts on “Digital Multimedia

  1. Current and thorough This is an excellent book for instructional use (once you get past the proper British English spellings of everything :-p). After receiving and reading my copy I quickly decided to use it for instruction in one of the classes I teach. Compared to many other books on the market this one is thorough and current, and offers information fit for both beginning and advanced students of multimedia. The one criticism I have of the book is it would have been nice to include a CD with images and samples…

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