Digital Video and HD, Second Edition: Algorithms and Interfaces (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)

Digital Video and HD: Algorithms and Interfaces provides a one-stop shop for the theory and engineering of digital video systems. Equally accessible to video engineers and those working in computer graphics, Charles Poynton’s revision to his classic text covers emergent compression systems, including H.264 and VP8/WebM, and augments detailed information on JPEG, DVC, and MPEG-2 systems. This edition also introduces the technical aspects of file-based workflows and outlines the emerging domain of metadata, placing it in the context of digital video processing.

With the help of hundreds of high quality technical illustrations, this book presents the following topics:

* Basic concepts of digitization, sampling, quantization, gamma, and filtering
* Principles of color science as applied to image capture and display
* Scanning and coding of SDTV and HDTV
* Video color coding: luma, chroma (4:2:2 component video, 4fSC composite video)
* Analog NTSC and PAL
* Studio systems and interfaces
* Compression technology, including M-JPEG and MPEG-2
* Broadcast standards and consumer video equipment

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2 thoughts on “Digital Video and HD, Second Edition: Algorithms and Interfaces (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)

  1. Imperfect, but useful reference I was interested in this book mainly because of the content dealing with vision and less on the technical aspects. I’ve been involved in ISO and ANSI vision standards as part of my profession, including color standards. I think a reference book that combines visual and technical aspects of imagery fills an important niche in vision science and optical engineering. With that in mind, I was impressed with how much information was covered in this reference book. I will be using it for my…

  2. The BIBLE for all things Digital Video! This is an impressive book. It goes over all aspects regarding Digital Video. Really, it leaves no stone unturned – to a point where from a certain chapter on, you must have some technical education and experience to keep on reading. This is not a book for a casual reader who only cares about knowing a thing or two about HD formats. Instead, this is a book for those who REALLY work with HD equipment on an everyday basis… or someone considering a career in electronic engineering or related…

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