Digital Video Production Cookbook: 100 Professional Techniques for Independent and Amateur Filmmakers (Cookbooks (O’Reilly))

Have you ever watched a big-budget Hollywood movie and wondered “How did they do that?” or, perhaps, “How can I do that?” While digital technology greatly simplifies the filmmaking process, there are many tried-and-true production tricks that only those lucky enough to work in the world of high-budget professional film production get to know. The truth is that setting up a car chase, making a realistic-looking alien, staging a fistfight, creating atmospheric lighting, and using special effects are often not as difficult to master as you might think.

Digital Video Production Cookbook will show you how to create sophisticated-looking visual effects, dramatic shots, and powerful sequences using low-cost methods adapted from high-end professional techniques. Author and award-winning filmmaker Chris Kenworthy explains how you can use a digital video camera and basic editing software, to create high-end production values with household equipment and a little imagination.

The book includes easy-to-follow recipes for:

  • Creating bluescreen effects
  • Simulating rain, snow, and other natural phenomena
  • Working with backlighting, simulated candlelight, and special lighting effects
  • Shooting day for night
  • Staging safe stunts, chase scenes, and fistfights
  • Makeup techniques for aging, bruises, and serious injuries
  • Shooting at night
  • Working with camera movement
  • Adding special effects such as laser bolts, holograms, and explosions

and much more.

Packed with full-color, step-by-step instructions, inspirational examples, and authoritative information and advice, this book is the ultimate, no-nonsense cookbook for every aspiring digital filmmaker.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Video Production Cookbook: 100 Professional Techniques for Independent and Amateur Filmmakers (Cookbooks (O’Reilly))

  1. great stuff about camera angles and movement I visited a technical bookstore in Dallas during a programmer’s convention. I was determined not to spend any money on any books while there (especially because I’ve already dropped a bundle on other video books). But I sat in the bookstore and read as much as I could for 2 or 3 hours. This book is amazing. It illustrates camera techniques by showing sequences of shots and how they were produced. Often that is the problem: we can read about something but not see it in action. More than half of…

  2. Fun book on how to improve your video techniques Advances in computer video and moviemaking software has mad it very easy to make a bad movie. Software like iMovie, Avid Free and others allow easy input of video camera footage into a program which can edit both video and sound clips, overlay clips, and add transitions, titles, sound effects, graphics, credits and more. All of this technology however does not guarantee a watchable or quality product. There still is no substitute for compelling narrative writing, acting, dialogue,…

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