Julius Caesar (Arkangel Shakespeare)

[Full-Cast Audio Theater Dramatization. Brutus is played by John Bowe and Mark Antony by Adrian Lester. Michael Feast is Caesar.]

At the heart of this tragic history is one of Shakespeare’s most noble characters, the statesman Brutus, who is caught in a devastating conflict between private affection and public duty.

Julius Caesar has become the most powerful man in the Rome. Does his power now threaten the very existence of the Republic itself? A conspiracy is hatched, one that will have fatal consequences not only for Caesar and the conspirators but for the future history of the ancient world.

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2 thoughts on “Julius Caesar (Arkangel Shakespeare)

  1. Brilliant! This recording just about saved my life. Seriously. Although I have taught Romeo & Juliet to high school freshmen about a million times, this year I was tapped to teach a class of sophomores reading…gulp…JULIUS CAESAR! This was never my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, and most of my memories of it derived from my own dreadfully dull tenth grade experience.When I began reading the play with my own students, it didn’t take any of us long to realize that their halting, stilted,…

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