Pro Tools 8 Kit: The complete professional workflow for music production

Ever wondered how to record using a click track or mix to a master deck in Pro Tools? How about wishing you had step-by-step guidelines, to get it done right and get it done quickly? In one convenient, easy-to-follow package, Pro Tools master Rob Shimonski brings you the Pro Tools 8 Kit, a book and website combination that will take you through every step of the production process and all the tips, tutorials and tricks that pros use to create perfect recordings. The book has full color screen shots illustrating the tools, functions and the new look of Pro Tools 8, and the website walks you through creating a recording, from setup through bouncing down your final track.
The Pro Tools 8 Kit covers more than just the software – it will help you make the most out of every recording session.

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3 thoughts on “Pro Tools 8 Kit: The complete professional workflow for music production

  1. Best Book out there for ProTools Beginners Ive been playing in bands my whole life. I play guitar and I was using a Fostex D-8 for the past 4 or 5 years to record our practices and preproductions before I finally gave in to my drummers pleas to make the leap to ProTools. I was real comfortable with the Fostex and setting up a computer with an interface just seemed too complicated and I didnt want to spend months trying to figure out what to do. Im not one to read books, but being a complete “Newbie” to the World of ProTools , this book…

  2. Great for the beginner… I searched a long time for my first book on Pro Tools 8 and finally purchased this one. I would consider this a decent book for the beginner. It walks you through everything in the most basic form while teaching you some key commands and other things. This is focused on Pro Tools 8 LE on a Mac. I think the book was a alright read. I don’t feel I learned that much that hadn’t already known from watching the included video and just messing around for hours. This book spends about a quarter of its…

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