Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets: How to Use the Power of Others to Market and Sell for You

Many people believe that Amazon’s success is the direct result of a strong user shopping experience. This however is only part of the reason why Amazon is the number one ecommerce company in the world for almost two decades. The real reason behind Amazon’s success is that they have mastered the art of getting other people to market and sell for them. From affiliate partners that drive traffic, to online reviews and ratings where customers tell other customers why they should buy a product, to getting free publicity from shows like Oprah or 60 Minutes, Amazon is the online company to emulate. “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets” will show you how you can accomplish this for your company.

“Amazon’s Dirty Little Secret” is getting others to do their marketing and sales for them. This is so powerful that Greg created an acronym using the word POWER+.

P – Plenty of traffic

O – Offer something for free

W – Win their trust

E – Engaging experience

R – Request an action

+ – additional tips & secrets

Anyone engaged in Internet sales and marketing will benefit from the specific examples in this book.

Product Features

  • Greg Jameson is a Colorado Small Business of the Year and Inc 500 Award Winning Entrepreneur
  • 180 pages
  • Amazon has mastered the art of getting other people to market and sell for them, and this book reveals the secret of how you how you can do this as well.

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Blueprint for 100 Deals or More Than $1 Million Per Year in Income: The exact systems and technology to sell 100+ homes, every year after year ~ no matter the market

As successful top REALTORS® and technology gurus who have continued to rise amid tough market conditions, Rick Bengson and Alan Shafran share insights, tips, tricks and tools that have worked to help them close 100 deals and reach $1 Million in commissions per year in all different markets.

With inside information on technology, marketing, teams, negotiations, and more, “Blueprint for 100 Deals” takes readers through Alan’s entire system step by step. “Key 100” tips highlight crucial concepts Alan has followed in order to achieve his 100-deal goal, while still having time left for family life – the perfect balance that everyone strives for.

Truly Alan’s ultimate system for his continued success in the unpredictable real estate market, “Blueprint for 100 Deals” shows you how Alan has actually sold over 100 homes per year, every year and earned over $1 Million in commissions – no matter the market conditions.*

Listen to this:

“Alan has been one of our company’s top brokers in Southern California for years, producing millions of dollars in volume through the incredible use of networking, relationship building, technology, systems and a relentless discipline around training. Any sales professional striving to reach the next level should read this book… and if needed read it more than once!”

Mark Johnson
Vice President Marketing and Sales Technology
Prudential California Realty
A Home Services Of America and Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

“If you have a desire to build a big business in the real estate industry, Alan is revealing his step by step guide on how to do it.”

Tom Ferry
“North America’s Top Real Estate Coach”

* Blueprint for 100 Deals is based on the strategies and systems that Alan Shafran has used to establish and maintain his own real estate success. The plans and techniques within this book have worked to help him sell over 100 homes and make over $1 Million per year in his market. The authors of this book make no guarantees that readers will have similar results. Your results may vary.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Create Website, Build Website, Create WordPress Website, Step by Step DVD video learning course how to build your own website, Learn SEO, Drive Traffic, Build a List, Monetize your website, Sell Directly from your Website, Security, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Work with Plugins, Backup WordPress Website

42 Step by Step Videos
Essential Skills
Register Domain Name
Buy Hosting
Installing WordPress
Install Basic Author Web Site Theme
Setup the Main Navigation Menubar
Create Header Image using GIMP
Building the Home Page
Building the New Books Coming Soon Page
Building the About Page
Building the Books Page

Monetize your Web Site
PayPal IPN
Shopping Cart
Add to Cart Button
Checkout Process

List Building
Introduction to List Building
Sign Up for MailChimp Account
Newsletter Setup Process
Newsletter Setup Steps
Email Campaigns
Follow Up Email Series
Contact Form

SEO and Driving Traffic
Introduction to SEO and Driving Traffic
Create Google Analytics Account
Set Up Yoast Google Analytics Plugin
Set Up SEO Yoast Plugin
6 Step SEO Checklist
Verify Web Site in Google Webmaster Tools

Web Site Security and Backup
How to Secure your Web Site
Backup and Restore Complete Web Site
Backup Individual WordPress Site
3 Easy Steps to Protect your Computer

Miscellaneous Topics
Install GIMP
Create Header Image using Photoshop
Install and Setup of Filezilla FTP Application


Product Features

  • Complete course on How to Create a WordPress Website
  • 42 Step by Step Video Lessons on how to create a WordPress Website
  • SEO, Build a list of subscribers, Monetize your website
  • Shopping Carts, WordPress Plugins
  • Webiste Security and backup

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Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

“Launch” will build your business—fast. Whether you’ve already got a business or you’re itching to start one, this is a recipe for getting more traction.

Think about it—what if you could launch like Apple or the big Hollywood studios? What if your prospects eagerly counted down the days until they could buy your product? What if you could create such powerful positioning in your market that you all -but- eliminated your competition? And you could do all that no matter how humble your business or budget?

Since 1996 Jeff Walker has been creating hugely successful online launches. After bootstrapping his first Internet business from his basement, he quickly developed an underground process for launching new products and businesses with unprecedented success.

But the success-train was just getting started—once he started teaching his formula to other entrepreneurs, the results were simply breathtaking. Tiny, home-based businesses started doing launches that sold tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars in sales with their launches.

“Launch” is the treasure map into that world—an almost secret world of digital entrepreneurs who create cash-on-demand paydays with their product launches and business launches.

Whether you have an existing business, or you have a service-based business and want to develop your own products so you can leverage your time and your impact, or you’re still in the planning phase—this is how you start fast. This formula is how you engineer massive success.

Now the question is this—are you going to start slow, and fade away from there? Or are you ready for a launch that will change the future of your business and your life?

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