The Animation Producer’s Handbook

Everything aspiring animation producers need in order to learn the language and procedures of this booming field

The Animation Producer’s Handbook is a unique, all-in-one guide to the business and management processes of producing animation. Essential reading for anyone looking to break into the field, it spans all mediums and expertly breaks down animation production to its simplest and most understandable elements. You quickly pick up the business and management processes of producing animation, from a project’s inception to its conclusion. Covering everything from the initial concept and the pitch, to establishing a core team, developing the script and characters, and budgeting and scheduling, the authors take you through the production cycle—breaking down animation production in an easy-to-understand way.

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One thought on “The Animation Producer’s Handbook

  1. A great learning Guide It’s the first book I’ve read on animation production that wasn’t just a glorified autobiography about the writers ‘fabulous’ career!This book is for people who are unfamiliar with the business side of animation, and have the desire to find out more before they commit to it.This covers a lot of very basic information, as well as common practices and procedures. It’s written in the tone of a dry instructional manual, which I appreciate. This industry (and the people in…

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