The Art of the Storyboard: Storyboarding for Film, TV, and Animation

The Art of the Storyboard shows beginners how to conceptualize and render the drawings that will communicate continuity to the cinematographer, set designer, and special effects supervisor, or to create the skeletal outline around which an animated program is developed.

Using sketches of shots from classic films, from silents to the present, The Art of the Storyboard covers the history and evolution of this craft and discusses the essentials of translating one’s vision onto paper, from the rough sketch to the finished storyboard. Over 100 illustrations from the author’s and other storyboard artists’ work illuminate the text throughout. Exercises at the end of each chapter help students to develop essential drawing and visualizing skills.

The Art of the Storyboard teaches basic drawing techniques and illustrates the use of perspective, light and shade, and depth of field needed in order to render the human figure in motion. In this book students are introduced to essential components of storyboarding, such as framing, placement of figures, and use of camera angles

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2 thoughts on “The Art of the Storyboard: Storyboarding for Film, TV, and Animation

  1. Profoundly dissapointing This book was very helpful to me. I am a professional animator and storyboard/layout artist, even though I have a very good grasp of drawing, this book helped me improve my composition(balance, contrast, flow, etc) and cinematography skills. The illustrations are from great old time classics like Battleship Potemkin (which is frequently used as examples in top film schools across the world) and an numerous other examples. The simplicity of some of the drawings illustrates how you don’t have to…

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