Web TV Series: How to Make and Market Them . . . (Creative Essentials)

Up-to-date resources for both new and professional filmmakers, specifically focused on web series productions

Today, people can watch television shows, feature films, live sports events, and just about anything they want on their computers, tablets, or phones, and as the new media marketplace continues to grow, so does demand for original content and opportunities for filmmakers. Online distributors such as YouTube, Hulu, and Funny or Die are interested in acquiring web series that attract audiences and appeal to advertisers. This guide provides advice and expertise to help readers create their own original, successful online shows—projects that can be profitable, potentially be developed into film or television properties, and help their creator to start a career in the industry. Readers will learn how to develop characters and stories designed for new media platforms, and will find tips for planning, shooting, and editing that are tailored specifically to web series production. This book also extensively covers the latest distribution platforms and social media marketing strategies, as well as examples of how to find financial sustainability through advertisers, branded content, and sponsorship partners. It has all of the tools necessary for both aspiring and experienced filmmakers to make the most of this growing new medium.

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  1. The problem with books on Youtube and digital media is that this industry changes so fast that the information could be out of date before the book is even published. This book has enough evergreen topics that it makes sense for now at least.There are plenty of real life examples from top Youtube web series creators and Youtube stars. You get to read interviews from people that have created totally different web series, not just scripted of vlogs.There isn’t much…

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